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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring - Where to Shop

With so many different cuts, colors, and shapes, how do you choose the type of engagement ring that you think your girlfriend would love? It can certainly be hard, but you should know your girlfriend well enough by now to have at least a remote idea of what sort of jewelry they like.
If you are interested in getting a yellow diamond engagement ring, there are a few jewelers in particular that you are going to want to check out, so that you can find the exact yellow diamond engagement ring you want and for the best possible price as well.
Blue Nile
Whether you are looking for an antique diamond engagement ring, this is a great place to start. The Blue Nile jewelry store is one that is renowned around the world, and which will definitely be worth your time to check out.
They offer all sorts of different engagement rings, so even if you are not completely sure that you want to get a yellow diamond engagement ring, you can find the perfect ring here, the one that is going to make sure that she will say yes.
Their philosophy is very simple, and this is to offer high quality diamonds and fine jewelry at outstanding prices. You will find nothing less than extraordinary jewelry here, and all at very competitive prices to boot.
Diamond Ocean
Another jeweler that is world-famous and which you could go through for a yellow diamond engagement ring is Diamond Ocean. They are somewhat of a newer company, but one that has already made a solid mark in the industry and which you know that you can trust in to find the engagement rings and other jewelry that you are looking for.
Not only do they feature engagement rings such as the yellow diamond engagement ring but as well promise rings, anniversary rings, men's rings, right hand rings, journey rings, and trilogy rings.
No matter where you decide to do your shopping, the most important thing is that you are willing to take the time to comparison shop. This means you browsing through the different jewelry stores that are out there so that you can see what prices each is offering and get your engagement ring for the best possible value.
Proposing to your girlfriend is of course going to be one of the most important things you will ever do, and so you need to take time and find that one ring that is going to mean the world to her.
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A Traditional Irish Celtic Ring - Romantic Ideas For a Proposal

If you are planning to propose with a traditional Irish or Celtic engagement ring, you may wish to make the proposal itself something very memorable, with a touch of Irish/Celtic spirit and romance. There are many ways to highlight the beauty of Irish engagement rings by choosing a location or way of proposing that is totally Irish and totally unforgettable.
As well, the presentation of Celtic engagement rings can be accented by proposals that feature some element of Celtic history, song, or verse.
Irish jewelry is by nature romantic and whimsical, with charming symbols and hidden meanings. The romantic tale of the Claddagh, where a fisherman, kidnapped by a goldsmith and forced to live far from his loved one, crafted a special ring to show his undying love for her, lives on today as an integral part of the Irish storytelling tradition. Claddagh rings feature tiny hands gently holding a crowned heart. Other Irish engagement rings and wedding bands feature Trinity Love Knots and Irish script, engraved into the band itself.
Celtic designs are mysterious and spiritual, often embodying the love of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These designs are wonderfully suited to wedding and engagement rings, and the spirals and love knots so common in The Book of Kells and other Celtic art, are thought to represent the eternal nature of love, for God and for one another. You can show your loyalty and your eternal love with these designs: we can help you make your proposal as magical and lovely as your Irish or Celtic engagement ring!
Special Proposals With An Irish-Celtic Twist: Some Great Ideas!
Proposing With A Claddagh Engagement Ring: There is a lot to work with here. Consider taking a special trip to the seaside, and perhaps planning a romantic picnic or special dinner at a seaside restaurant. When you present the Claddagh ring to your bride-to-be, you can give her a special note telling her the story of the Claddagh, while you both stare out to sea. It will be special for her if she can sip champagne with you while looking out at the sea, and know that you evoked the spirit of the romantic Claddagh tale on this very special day.
Wonderful proposals don't have to cost a lot of money to execute: often, just being in a beautiful place with her will be more than enough. But, remember to consider her comfort if you will be outside: bring blankets, a nice bottle of wine or champagne, and something to open it with. Plastic glasses should be fine! A seaside proposal like this is guaranteed to thrill your fiance, and you will remember it with real tenderness, as well.
Proposing With A Celtic Engagement Ring: If you are going to propose at home, why not set the scene to evoke a little Celtic spirit. It's lovely to play some soft music that is Celtic in origin, and perhaps dance together to the lilting strains of traditional, folk-inspired Celtic music.
There are many varieties of Celtic music to choose from, such as Irish music (Enya would work well for your purposes), or the more rugged sound of Scottish traditional music (this may seem less romantic). Choosing something should be easy with all the free audio sampling now available on the Internet.
Once you've found the perfect song, consider a meal that captures some element of Celtic history and culture. There are many books that can help you here: the Celtic Cookbook is available in Amazon.
You could include a poem with your ring, perhaps a few words written in Irish, that you could translate for your bride-to-be. She will treasure this note and everything else about your special proposal. Remember to add little touches to the proposal day, as she will remember everything and always respond to your thoughtfulness.
Women often complain that men are not romantic enough, so pulling out all the stops for your wedding proposal will never seem over the top. This is one of the most special moments in a woman's life: you've found the perfect ring, but you can make it all even more special by setting the scene and paying attention to ambience.
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Celebrity Wedding Rings - You Can Be Like the Stars, Too

Whether we like it or not, the truth is that the lives of celebrities are scrutinized with magnifying glass-curiosity by the paparazzi, the media and fans alike. In fact, celebrities rule the airwaves and gossip columns today. Every little detail of a celebrity's life is usually big news among the public at large, and one such aspect is the celebrity wedding rings flashed by our favorite star couples. Among the ardent fans of celebrities, are couples who would love nothing more than to own and wear celebrity weddings bands, as similar as possible to the ones worn by their celebrity heroes.
The fact remains that today many couples wish to be different in terms of their wedding styles, themes and even their wedding rings. It is specifically such couples who are also choosing celebrity wedding rings. If you and your partner wish to own and wear celebrity wedding bands as close as possible to those worn by your favorite celebrity couples, there are some simple ways to do this. For a start, you may color-copy, or scan the designs of the celebrity wedding rings worn by the particular celebrity couple from a close-up of the same, published in any glossy, celebrity magazine. If you succeed in getting a reasonably, legible scanned picture or laser color-copy, you can get an experienced designer of celebrity wedding bands to come up with a more detailed, illustration.
There are several jewelers who can come up with prototypes of the final designs you present to them. Such jewelers can then easily make your celebrity wedding bands at a cost far cheaper than the originals of your favorite star couple. On the other hand, there are also several certified, jewelers who have a range of celebrity wedding rings that are identical to the ones worn by top celebrities, although not necessarily of the same precious metal or gemstone authenticity. The advantage here is, that you will not only have celebrity wedding bands that are virtually identical copies to their celebrity-worn originals, but at a price far less than their originals.
Perhaps, why many young couples are desirous of having look-alike, celebrity wedding rings, is that it gives them a sense of confidence, style, sophistication, and, above all, the satisfaction of being different. Thankfully, with the widespread interest among people in the lives of celebrities, coupled with the power of the media, the opportunities to find actual photographs of the celebrity wedding rings and reproduce them have become extremely easy. While it's true that original, celebrity wedding rings or celebrity wedding bands, cost enormous sums of money, inexpensive, copies of such wedding rings can be made by any experienced and professional jeweler, using cheaper grades of metal and gemstones.
In the final analysis however, celebrity wedding rings will certainly reflect your sense of style, personality and taste and that of your partner's, as well as give the overall atmosphere of the wedding you've planned, a degree of sophistication. However, what matters most is, the love that you and your partner share. After all, the real celebrities ... are you.
Wedding RingsCelebrity Wedding Rings To Die For!
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How to Buy a Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings, termed by Homer Simpson as "the world's smallest handcuffs", undoubtedly, are the most prominent symbol of the union of two souls. There is hardly any stuff related to a marriage, even wedding gowns are no exceptions, which has got as much importance as the wedding rings have got.
This perception, regarding wedding rings, cuts across almost all countries and cultures round the globe. Though only a small piece of fashion jewelry, its relevance takes a center stage when the shopping of wedding related stuffs comes on the way.
So being careful while buying a wedding ring is quite important as a little bit of consideration and planning ends up giving us the best wedding ring available in the market. Definitely, this will double up the joy of marriage.
Plan a Month Ago :- Like anything else, it too needs a lot of planning before you buy a wedding ring. Don't go out to the stores just two days ahead of marriage. You may come back with something absurd as nothing extraordinary has been done in haste.
Don't Beat the Diamond Trumpet :- There are many things beyond diamond. Decide which stuff or metal you want your wedding rings to be made of. Though any thing made of diamond can top the priority list, platinum, gold or white gold too can be tried. However, if you had an engagement ring made of diamond, then better you go for anything else but a diamond. It makes your jewelry box more colorful.
Choose Simple One :- The wedding ring must match the simplicity of wedding gowns. So choose something which is simple in design and style. The best benefit in doing so is that you manage to save a handsome amount of money without compromising its elegance. So you will be saved from getting sucked too much out of your pocket.
Go Online :- Merely few hits on the websites of the famous jewelry shops, around your town, may give you a fair idea of the price-range of wedding rings these days. Further, you may get some visual description of certain rings of your choice, This may lead you straight to the right stuff without making you to hover around useless stuffs.
Look Out for Offers :- There are many shops which invite customers with a range of offers. They may offer you to engrave your names on the rings free of cost. They may also give some other exciting offers like sunglasses etc.
Shop Together :- Unlike engagement rings, the buying of wedding rings don't carry a sense of mystery for couples. As you are already engaged, so there is no question of self-imposed privacy. It is better if you go together to buy the ring. The discussions while buying will make you to return with the best buy based on your mutual understanding.
For Adventure Try Titanium :- If you always want to be unique so try the adventurous wedding rings made of titanium. These rings are a complete package of durability, style and elegance. Further, they prove stronger than many other metals such as; silver etc. Moreover, the titanium rings are only rings which suit all skin type and don't come too costly.
Go For a More Traditional Look :- Though you get attracted to many designer and decorated wedding rings in the store, you should prefer to buy ring which looks more traditional one. Their classic looks are ageless and don't seem to go out of fashion. It is a reality that the designer rings look more beautiful when placed under artificial light in artificial conditions, This is exactly what happens in jewelry shops.
Here we can see a range of fashion jewelry which can be suitable for any occasion and event.
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Titanium Rings Styles

Rings have a powerful effect that can transform not-so-good-looking fingers to look wonderful by either elongating short fingers or giving very long fingers a new look altogether. Rings come in different styles and most of the beautiful one will have gemstones embedded on them such that the ring does not just appear plain and without luster.
One type of ring that i want to tell you about and which i know will be appealing to you is the Titanium ring which has a metal band as its design look. The metal used for this ring is that one that is used for making aircraft. Now, when you think about an aircraft you might be tempted to think of how heavy that metal is, but that is not the case. What i want to emphasize on here is the hard-to-break aspect of the ring.
On the titanium rings you will find that jewelers have a tendency to interweave different gems and other precious metals onto the rings to give it a good finish. The resultant designs include Celtic knot designs, modern engagement rings and fantasy modeled rings. From these you can see that you have a wide variety to choose from.
The next thing is to find out where you can buy these beautiful titanium rings from since there is difficulty in finding them in jewelry stores. This should not worry you because you still have the option of buying them from various online stores. From their web sites you will be able to see the various prices that they offer depending on the design of the ring. Make your order from a reputable online store so that you can be sure to get quality products, exactly as what you ordered for.
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Ring Designs

Rings come in many designs and patterns, as many as there are cultures in the world, and since history repeats itself, you should not be surprised to see new and modern interpretations of ring designs that existed ages ago. Since they look unique and presentable, they have been brought back into existence to enrich today's market.
When buying a ring especially for somebody you consider special, it is good to look around and get to choose from the many types that are in stock in different jewelry stores. You can be sure to come across many excellent designs that you have never seen before, something that your special someone will consider to be quite spectacular. It could be one that covers the whole finger or one that is just fancy in its own special way.
Depending on the ring design, you will find that most of the rings will tend to be a little on the expensive side. However, they don't have to be all expensive. If you look up in the Internet, you sure can come across rings that are just as unique and special and spectacular, yet inexpensive. all that will be required of you here is your time and patience as you search through the many varieties available.
Once you have spotted your dream ring design, you can then go ahead and place your order, but first find out the quality of the services for example the delivery period and other policies that abide. always order from a reputable store and then you can be assured of quality in the ring you buy.
Peter Gitundu Researches and Reports on Jewelry. For more information on Ring Designs, visit his site at RING DESIGNS You Can Also Post Your Views About Ring Designs On My Blog Here RING DESIGNS
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Engagement Ring - Exclusive Jewelery For Exclusive People

Marriage is the essence of life and some people make it a really auspicious occasion. They make sure that they enjoy it in a great way and that is why they take care of each of its function by heart. Engagement is one such important function and it can not be completed without an engagement ring. The ring must be beautiful, pure, exclusive and of course of good price. It should be worth its price and value. This is quite difficult as sometimes you may fail to recognise the material used in its making. The gold or diamond can be spurious or it may be not worth its price. In that case all you need is a genuine jewelery shop.
Searching for such shop is not a difficult task specially in this time were online shopping is quite popular among the masses. You might know that Internet has made it possible that you get the best of the consumer goods, electronic items, apparel, toys, gadgets and like these many other articles in good prices and worth their value. Now you can shop for ornaments also. You can buy gold, diamond and silver jewelry. Some websites are also selling exclusive engagement ring and if you are shopping online then you can be ensured of genuineness of the material used. Since these are shops which sell certified jewelry. They guarantee that the material used in its preparation was 100% genuine and no compromises were made.
No general jewelery shop can give you this kind of guarantee. That is why these online shops have become the latest hub for the jewelry lovers. Best part is that now you have more than hundreds of options of engagement ring before your eyes. So fear of irritating salesperson is gone. You can see, choose and compare among different shops. You can check its quality and genuineness online and can get the product delivered at your place. These shops are used for gold jewelry to a great extent.
Furthermore, price is one issue which people consider while shopping for jewelry. This issue is also taken care by online shops as you can cost-effective engagement ring also. And if you want you can get exclusive ones also. You can not get this kind of diverseness in services anywhere. So, if you are going to be engaged make sure that your engagement ring is genuine and exclusive and for that take help of your PC.
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Engagement Ring - Where Fashion Fuses Tradition

Engagement ring has been touted to be the piece of jewelry which is binds more than two hearts into commitments. Romance of engagement rings dates back decades of tradition and since then it is constantly evolving till today when it has blended fashion keeping the charm of tradition intact through it. Diamond has been an inevitable ingredient to be associated with engagement rings. Whether you are looking for your engagement rings into the gold jewelry section or platinum - there are certain attributes and settings of diamond studded engagement rings need to be remembered.
There are already plenteous guides are prevailing to cover 4 C's alerts of diamond based engagement rings. After you have honed your skill in this most primitive knowledge in diamond studded engagement ring, it is time for you to grasp another major factor which claims equal level of significance and attention of buyers. And this is settings which are of diverse types. Settings of an engagement ring come with six variations that are able to accommodate diverse style, mental set up, rituals and custom and also diverse shapes of diamonds.
The most classic, conventional yet catchy setting of engagement ring has been solitaire setting. This setting holds sole piece of diamond, no matter, whatsoever be the shape is such as oval, round, princess, emerald, marquise, radiant, heart, asscher, pear. The main advantage of such settings happens to be the light, true colors and brilliance of the diamond which gets highlighted due to its sole presence into the ring.
Cathedral settings of engagement ring will be preferred by buyers who are ultimately romantic. Diamonds are nestled at the center of the bands that get to extend from each side in this setting to assure absolute protection to the stone which portrays your sweetheart whom you vow to protect rest of your life. There are some other settings of engagement ring to experiment with like two tapered baguette settings, antique settings, bezel settings or channel settings.
Matthew Watson is a professional writer and presently writing on online shopping portal industry covering Kids wear, designer handbags, vintage sunglasses, iphones accessories and sports equipment etc.
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