Saturday, November 1, 2008

Engagement Ring - Where Fashion Fuses Tradition

Engagement ring has been touted to be the piece of jewelry which is binds more than two hearts into commitments. Romance of engagement rings dates back decades of tradition and since then it is constantly evolving till today when it has blended fashion keeping the charm of tradition intact through it. Diamond has been an inevitable ingredient to be associated with engagement rings. Whether you are looking for your engagement rings into the gold jewelry section or platinum - there are certain attributes and settings of diamond studded engagement rings need to be remembered.
There are already plenteous guides are prevailing to cover 4 C's alerts of diamond based engagement rings. After you have honed your skill in this most primitive knowledge in diamond studded engagement ring, it is time for you to grasp another major factor which claims equal level of significance and attention of buyers. And this is settings which are of diverse types. Settings of an engagement ring come with six variations that are able to accommodate diverse style, mental set up, rituals and custom and also diverse shapes of diamonds.
The most classic, conventional yet catchy setting of engagement ring has been solitaire setting. This setting holds sole piece of diamond, no matter, whatsoever be the shape is such as oval, round, princess, emerald, marquise, radiant, heart, asscher, pear. The main advantage of such settings happens to be the light, true colors and brilliance of the diamond which gets highlighted due to its sole presence into the ring.
Cathedral settings of engagement ring will be preferred by buyers who are ultimately romantic. Diamonds are nestled at the center of the bands that get to extend from each side in this setting to assure absolute protection to the stone which portrays your sweetheart whom you vow to protect rest of your life. There are some other settings of engagement ring to experiment with like two tapered baguette settings, antique settings, bezel settings or channel settings.
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