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A Traditional Irish Celtic Ring - Romantic Ideas For a Proposal

If you are planning to propose with a traditional Irish or Celtic engagement ring, you may wish to make the proposal itself something very memorable, with a touch of Irish/Celtic spirit and romance. There are many ways to highlight the beauty of Irish engagement rings by choosing a location or way of proposing that is totally Irish and totally unforgettable.
As well, the presentation of Celtic engagement rings can be accented by proposals that feature some element of Celtic history, song, or verse.
Irish jewelry is by nature romantic and whimsical, with charming symbols and hidden meanings. The romantic tale of the Claddagh, where a fisherman, kidnapped by a goldsmith and forced to live far from his loved one, crafted a special ring to show his undying love for her, lives on today as an integral part of the Irish storytelling tradition. Claddagh rings feature tiny hands gently holding a crowned heart. Other Irish engagement rings and wedding bands feature Trinity Love Knots and Irish script, engraved into the band itself.
Celtic designs are mysterious and spiritual, often embodying the love of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These designs are wonderfully suited to wedding and engagement rings, and the spirals and love knots so common in The Book of Kells and other Celtic art, are thought to represent the eternal nature of love, for God and for one another. You can show your loyalty and your eternal love with these designs: we can help you make your proposal as magical and lovely as your Irish or Celtic engagement ring!
Special Proposals With An Irish-Celtic Twist: Some Great Ideas!
Proposing With A Claddagh Engagement Ring: There is a lot to work with here. Consider taking a special trip to the seaside, and perhaps planning a romantic picnic or special dinner at a seaside restaurant. When you present the Claddagh ring to your bride-to-be, you can give her a special note telling her the story of the Claddagh, while you both stare out to sea. It will be special for her if she can sip champagne with you while looking out at the sea, and know that you evoked the spirit of the romantic Claddagh tale on this very special day.
Wonderful proposals don't have to cost a lot of money to execute: often, just being in a beautiful place with her will be more than enough. But, remember to consider her comfort if you will be outside: bring blankets, a nice bottle of wine or champagne, and something to open it with. Plastic glasses should be fine! A seaside proposal like this is guaranteed to thrill your fiance, and you will remember it with real tenderness, as well.
Proposing With A Celtic Engagement Ring: If you are going to propose at home, why not set the scene to evoke a little Celtic spirit. It's lovely to play some soft music that is Celtic in origin, and perhaps dance together to the lilting strains of traditional, folk-inspired Celtic music.
There are many varieties of Celtic music to choose from, such as Irish music (Enya would work well for your purposes), or the more rugged sound of Scottish traditional music (this may seem less romantic). Choosing something should be easy with all the free audio sampling now available on the Internet.
Once you've found the perfect song, consider a meal that captures some element of Celtic history and culture. There are many books that can help you here: the Celtic Cookbook is available in Amazon.
You could include a poem with your ring, perhaps a few words written in Irish, that you could translate for your bride-to-be. She will treasure this note and everything else about your special proposal. Remember to add little touches to the proposal day, as she will remember everything and always respond to your thoughtfulness.
Women often complain that men are not romantic enough, so pulling out all the stops for your wedding proposal will never seem over the top. This is one of the most special moments in a woman's life: you've found the perfect ring, but you can make it all even more special by setting the scene and paying attention to ambience.
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